FIX VIRTUMONDE DLL: How to remove it for good.

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Fix Virtumonde dll Removal Procedure:

I’ve listed the procedure below. Just a gentle warning here. If  you decide to follow it yourself don’t rush it. If you’re patient it will be worth the wait. Simply work through each step and particularly when it’s scanning just go off and do something else and check on it once in a while.

One thing I have learnt from my own experience is that the free versions from the various companies, although in general excellent, will not on their own fix virtumonde dll nor give you the added value that the paid for versions offer.

The following procedure requires you to use 3 software programs, one is paid for and two are free. But, for the sake of paying around $65 (£40) for Spyware Doctor it is well worth it to get your PC back to normal and fully protected afterwards. What’s more they give you a 100% full money back 30 day guarantee anyway.

This is the only cost as the two free programs when used in conjunction with Spyware Doctor work extremely effectively to remove virtumonde and give your PC full protection thereafter.

If the idea of trying to fix virtumonde dll yourself doesn’t appeal then we recommend the guys at Online Computer Repair who will perform a fix whilst you watch everything that is being done live on your screen. They charge $99 but you only pay if they perform a successful virtumonde fix.

IMPORTANT: To fix Virtumonde dll please follow it in the correct order.

1) Purchase Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus at PC Tools because you’re going to use this as your main protection once you have been able to fix virtumonde dll. You can trial a free version but this doesn’t offer ‘Realtime Protection’ and therefore still leaves your computer susceptible to Virtumonde once again. The paid version at just $65 (£40) is what you must have to give complete security. Make sure that you take the upgrade that includes Anti-Virus. It is one of the top 2 anti-malware programs currently available and provides a ‘Realtime Protection Module’ which constantly monitors and stops malicious processes before they even start whereas the free version requires this to be done manuallly. We want to make sure that once your PC has been cleaned up that it has top notch protection and Spyware Doctor is one of the best. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the program you can close it for now.

2) Download SuperAntiSpyware (free). Once your computer is back to normal you’ll be running this on a regular basis together with Spyware Doctor (and the registry cleaner below).

3) Download VundoFix (free). Virtumonde dll is a variant of the Vundo Trojan family.

4) You now have the ammunition to begin to fix virtumonde dll but first of all you have to get your PC in safe mode. Most spyware, adware and viruses cannot be removed in normal mode. To get it into safe mode you need to turn the computer on or re-start the PC. When the Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu appears start tapping the F8 key. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon some computers display a ‘keyboard error’ message. To resolve this simply re-start your PC and try again. Select the safe mode option and press enter.

5) Now re-load the Spyware Doctor software and start a full scan. Here’s where you might be better off getting a book or doing something else. Just let it do its thing and don’t worry if it does seem to be taking a long time.

Once completed remove anything that the program has found and exit the program.

6) Now load SuperAntiSpyware. Click preferences and then the scanning control tab. Check ‘Terminate memory threats before quarantining.’ Close preferences and click the ‘Scan your Computer’ button. Select ‘Perform Complete Scan’ then next. Let the scan complete and remove anything it finds.

7) Finally you’ll complete the virtumonde detection and removal process using VundoFix. Open up VundoFix and click the ‘Scan For Vundo’ button. If any remaining infections are found click the ‘Fix Vundo’ button.

8) At this point virtumonde and anything else you might have had lurking on your PC should have been removed.

9) You can now reboot your PC as normal (not safe mode).

10) You will no doubt have Java installed on your PC. To help protect it from the threat of future viruses it is important that you always check and run the most up to date version. You can check if you have the current version here . You should be notified automatically when a new Java version is available but if not check it weekly yourself.

11) As a final clean-up step you may want to perform a registry clean. I did this to enhance the speed of my PC. I used Registry Mechanic more information
and I now use this every few days to clean out any unwanted files and errors and keep my PC running as fast as possible. I couldn’t believe the difference it made after I first used it.

12) That’s it! Your PC is now clear of virtumonde dll and more than likely you will have cleared out lots more rubbish as well and improved its performance. It’s simply a matter now of keeping your protection up to date.

Don’t Want To Do The Fix Virtumonde dll Procedure Yourself?

If you find the idea of doing all this yourself overwhelming you can have Virtumonde removed for you. The guys at Online Computer Repair will perform a fix whilst you watch everything that is being done live on your screen. Plus you only pay once it’s been successfully removed.

They are experts in how to fix Virtumonde dll.

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